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151 49
Highway 49 Overpass
A 2 car crash injured 3 people and closed hwy 151 at the hwy 49 overpass near Waupun. Jaws for life were needed to extract all parties from thier vehicles. Flight for life was also called to transport ...
7th Feb 07 0 Comments
First look at the car shows extensive damage. Road Traffic Accident

My first attempt at photojournalism. Not normally my thing to get amongst people whilst shooting but I soon got chatting to the attending police and fire crews. Dull, late afternoon light didn't help ...
15th Jan 07 0 Comments
Side View Slippery Road Sign !
I find this amusing as the car slipped banged and banged right onto the "Slippery Road" sign pole !
19th Dec 06 0 Comments
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