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First look at the car shows extensive damage.
Another angle shows the demolished wall and the potential danger to pedestrians.
Police attended the scene within 25 minutes and began their investigation to asscertain the cause of the accident and the identity of the driver.
Fire crews isolated the electrics and made the wreckage safe. The driver returned with assistance and a recovery vehicle to remove the vehicle. He was immediately cautioned and questioned by police.
After the driver admitted to police to having no licence or insurance he was taken to the local police station to be interviewed. The man assisting him to recover the vehicle stated the young man had
Model & MakeNexia Daewoo
WhereCheshire, United Kingdom
WhenSaturday, 27th January 2007
Posted onMonday, 15 Jan 2007 by PlasticSpanner
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My first attempt at photojournalism. Not normally my thing to get amongst people whilst shooting but I soon got chatting to the attending police and fire crews. Dull, late afternoon light didn't help though!

The Daewoo Nexia after crashing into the wall. The driver, a young male, had already left the scene immediately after the crash.
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