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44 Hospitalized

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WhereInterstate 35, Belton County, Waco, Texas, United States
WhenSaturday, 16th October 2004
Posted onSunday, 28 Jan 2007 by Rachel
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On a recent road trip... Interstate 35, South of Waco Tx ( Belton County).

It was the worst wreck that I've ever seen ! But when I got home I looked it up on the internet and found out that No, there were no fatalities.

Alot of people there were angry with the semi, and I overheard them saying how fast he was going and blah blah blah.. But the wreck was already at the bottom of the hill. He had 3 cars on his hood. While i thought it was a possibility that it was his fault too, It never came out that it was that drivers fault. I know it is hard to stop a semi. If it had been me in his place, I probably wouldn't of been able to stop either... Even the smaller vehicles had trouble. I'm just glad I exited a few miles back to take some photos of a mean guys shop ( got cussed off the property though, just for going in to ask for permission!)
It was rainy and it started with one wreck at the bottom of the hill, then as people started coming over the hill (including the semi) they did not have enough time to stop, and the vehicles just kept adding to the pile up... there were more vehicles involved than what you see here ! I counted almost 11, can you believe it?
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