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151 49
Highway 49 Overpass
A 2 car crash injured 3 people and closed hwy 151 at the hwy 49 overpass near Waupun. Jaws for life were needed to extract all parties from thier vehicles. Flight for life was also called to transport ...
7th Feb 07 0 Comments
44 Hospitalized
Interstate 35, Belton County
On a recent road trip... Interstate 35, South of Waco Tx ( Belton County).

It was the worst wreck that I've ever seen ! But when I got home I looked it up on the internet and found out that No, the ...
28th Jan 07 0 Comments
Accident at Alexandra Road this morning
Between Queenstown and Redhill MRT
A late capture of a traffic accident as my shuttle bus zoom past the scene.

It was near the junction between Queenstown and Redhill MRT. Same stretch of road with Perfomance Motors and Ikea.
28th Jan 07 0 Comments
Accident at CCK near The Dog Unit

Accident!!! Hope everyone is alrite..

The photo was taken when i was in my veh... Happen my camera is just beside mi... P N S
28th Jan 07 0 Comments
Car flipped on its side in some accident, crazy drivers
Yio Chu Kang road
Was on my way back home around midnight along Yio Chu Kang road, quite a jam, as I got closer saw that it was cos of a car lying sideways across 2 lanes.

No idea whether the driver did a stunt or c ...
28th Jan 07 0 Comments
Public Safety at a Price

One of our officers (with the police dept I work for) was responding to an emergency call when a drunk driver pulled out in front of him and caused an accident. C/C

The squad was towed and put in t ...
28th Jan 07 0 Comments
Another angle shows the demolished wall and the potential danger to pedestrians. Road Traffic Accident

My first attempt at photojournalism. Not normally my thing to get amongst people whilst shooting but I soon got chatting to the attending police and fire crews. Dull, late afternoon light didn't help ...
15th Jan 07 0 Comments
Saturday night at the races

I was invited by the track photographer to shoot the races from inside the track. Other than having a blast seeing the races from this angle, here are the pics I came up with. Sorry there are so many. ...
7th Feb 07 0 Comments
School Bus Accident
Mackie street
Slick roads caused this accident on Mackie street, in Beaver Dam this morning. The driver of the truck suffered minor head injuries, and though the bus was full of children, none of them were injured.
7th Feb 07 0 Comments

The Buick Sedan of Mary Kempka, 84, of Madison flipped on the 4700 block of North Sherman Ave, after hitting a trailer ramp. Kempka's injuries were not serious, though she was trapped until Madison fi ...
7th Feb 07 0 Comments
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